What is the theme of Hinkle Field House, by Eric Angevine?

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jgrodsky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hinkle Field House, by Erik Angevine, is a book that details the dynamic history of the basketball and athletic home of Butler University. Hinkle Field House, though, is more than just a home to a college athletic team; it is home to great pieces of Indiana history. 

Inside Hinkle Field House, many great athletes and teams have competed for championships, bragging rights, and medals. Hinkle Field House opened in 1928 and since then has hosted the Indiana High School Athletic Association state basketball tournament. One particularly famous game occurred in 1954. In this game, tiny Milan defeated Muncie Central High School to become the smallest team to ever win a state championship. The movie Hoosiers documents the events of the Milan season.

In addition to the basketball history, Hinkle Field House has hosted athletes like Jesse Owens and many Olympic and world athletic competitions. Not many stadiums in the United States can boast the history of this athletic temple, and Angevine helps bring this history to life.