What is the theme of daffodils?? please explain it in simple words.

arjun | Student

The poem attests William Wordsworth as a great poet, lover and proclaimer of nature in all forms. He shows unquenchable thirst for it, and his feelings can’t help watching and applauding it. In the poem, his description of nature is full of charming spirit that adds more joy and more attraction to the sight. He beholds all other objects of vales and hills which lead him to this lovely scene of daffodils whose fluttering and dancing in breeze cheer him. His blood pushes him to flow his love that he bears in his heart. He goes into uncontrollable pleasure that makes him stay and dance with the daffodils. The first stanza is very descriptive and introduces the nature and the poet to the readers. All the objects increase his love and spirit for the nature.   

hana-99 | Student

1) nature brings joy in our lives

2) nature uplifts our spirits


1) we are so engrossed in our daily chores that we do not give ourselves time which is essential for us.

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