How is the theme of courage explored in chapters 7 and 8 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Courage is displayed in chapters 7 and 8 through Boo Radley, who reaches out to the children despite the risk and his shyness.

Courage is explored in To Kill a Mockingbird mainly with three incidents: the rabid dog, the fire and Mrs. Dubose.  However, in chapter 7 we see a different kind of courage.  Boo Radley leaves little treasures in the tree knothole.  This is very courageous for him, because she is closely guarded by his family.  He is recognizing Jem’s courage in trying to retrieve the pants with his own—reaching out to the children.  Since he is shy and reclusive, that takes great courage.  Unfortunately, Nathan Radley cements the whole.

In chapter 8, Miss Maudie’s house catches fire.  Although the neighbors demonstrate courage by helping her, especially Mr. Avery.  Boo displays a different kind of courage, again venturing out to put a blanket on Scout’s shoulders as the children sit in front of his house.

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