What is the theme of chapters 15 and 16 in the novel Brave New World?For each of the chapters (15&16) write about 2-3 lines about the theme of the chapters.

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Chapter 15 is when John expresses his disgust at the "brave new world" he finds himself in and particularly at its ultimate aim of achieving happiness at the expense of truth and freedom. John regards the use of soma as a form of slavery that achieves happiness only at the expense of superficial relationships. What he wants is real relationships, with all the pain and joy that they bring. John identifies from his citing of As You Like It that the Deltas use soma as a way of escaping the responsibilities of adulthood and humanity. It allows them to remain infantile and pleasure-seeking and prevents them from maturing. Conditioning, soma and reinforcement allows the citizens to enjoy "perfect" happiness, which is what John rails against in this chapter.

Chapter 16

It is this chapter that explores so many of the issues explicitly through the conversation between John and Mond that have been left for us to infer before in the novel. Mond offers his justification for the creation of the world as it is, and you will want to touch particularly on what he says about: art, truth, equality and feelings, passion, commitment and relationships. Throughout all of these themes, consider how consumerism rules in the world of this novel and how everything has been sacrificed to support it.

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