What is the theme or central idea of The Hunger Games?  

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There are a number of themes in the book that could be argued as the main or central theme, but the constant theme of an individual working to overcome a corrupt system is one that stands out in my mind.  Katniss constantly has to find ways to improve and strengthen herself in order to fight back against those who are running the games and ultimately the leaders responsible for the system in the first place.

Another possible theme is of course as simple as good versus evil, the innocent and hard-working people in the different districts having to fight against the decadent and lavishly living capital is another theme that comes up again and again.

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This question has already been asked and answered here on eNotes:  http://www.enotes.com/the-hunger-games/q-and-a/what-good-theme-hunger-games-152339

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There are many themes found but the main theme is either one of Man vs. Society or survival of the fittest. In Man vs. Society Katniss wants to go against the Capitol but is unsure of what President Snow might do and while she retaliates, she has to ensure her family stays safe. As for survival of the fittest, the main idea of the Hunger Games is to have one victor which means survival of the fittest, no matter who's in your pact, in the end it turns out to be whoever is the fittest will be the victor. 

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