The Silver Sword Questions and Answers
by Ian Serraillier

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What is the theme of the book "The Silver Sword" by Ian Serraillier?

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The Silver Sword is essentially about the children's journey, on their own, to reunite with their parents in Switzerland. It is therefore safe to conclude that the main theme of the story is Survival.

When the story begins, we meet Joseph Baliki who is imprisoned for teaching in his Polish language and turning a photo of Hitler to the...

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mimaestro | Student

The silver sword is a metaphor, a token for hope. As a reminiscence of their parents, it helps maintain connection with their family even though they got separated due to the war. The presence of the silver sword and the feeling it creates gives the children strength to bear the difficulties on their journey to find their parents while acting as a lucky charm for them to reach their goal. It reminds us that goals are achieved by the combined forces of faith, determination, commitment and luck (i.e.fortune). It's a story of resilience and success.

akacherry | Student

the theme 4 the the silver sword is about courage,surival,good vs evil and 4 working togther as a team.

beautypink1 | Student

I would say that the theme of this book would be Survival or determination..Survival would be the main because it floods the entire book.