What are the themes of the book Monster by Frank Perreti and are they worthwhile?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The themes of the reality mystery thriller Sci Fi novel Monster by Frank Peretti are several and they are all worthwhile. Peretti takes two popular subjects and dresses them in three popular genres to come up with a discussion of some very important ideas. In Monster, Beck and her husband Reed go on a well planned out survival weekend (first popular subject) but fall into mischance and danger. Through the mystery of how to find Beck, who is captured by a science fiction creature, we discover a discussion of the current issue of genetic modification (not science fiction and the second popular subject). The thriller aspects mount as the rescue team headed by Reed comes across a string of dead bodies. The themes that Peretti explores are survival (through Beck), faith (through Beck and her husband and friends who are all searching for her), and self-discovery (which has to come about in such grueling circumstances as these). In addition to these themes is the social conscience theme of the dangerous possibilities of genetic modification, especially in the hands of unscrupulous individuals or groups.

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