What is the theme behind the poem, Inside by Nikki L Rench.  I know it is a simple answer but I just want to make sure I am covering all bases....

What is the theme behind the poem, Inside by Nikki L Rench. 

I know it is a simple answer but I just want to make sure I am covering all bases.  


© Nikki L. Rench

Bottled up inside
Are the things I never said,
The feelings that I hide,
The lines you never read

You can see it in my eyes,
Read it on my face,
Trapped inside are lies,
Of the past I can't replace

With memories that linger,
And won't seem to go away,
Why can't I be happier?
Today’s a brand new day

Yesterdays are over
Even though the hurting is not,
Nothing lasts forever,
I must cherish what I've got

Don't take my love for granted,
For soon it will be gone,
All you've ever wanted,
Of the love you thought you won

The feelings I have now
Won’t disappear overnight,
But somehow, someway everything will be alright

I'm leaving now
To slay the foe
Fight my battles
High and low

I'm leaving parents
Hear me go
Please wish me luck today

I've grown my wings, I want to fly
Seize my victories where they lie
I'm going guys, but please don't cry
Just let me find my way

I want to see, and touch, and hear,
Though there are dangers, thoughts, and fears,
I'll smile my smiles, and wipe my tears
Please let me speak my say

I'm off to find, my world, my dreams,
Carve my niche, sew my seams
Remember as I sail my seas,
I'll love you all the way

Source: Inside, Growing Up Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/inside#ixzz2bJd4Pn1y
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The poem Inside by Nikki L Rench reveals the dreams and wishes of a teenager who feels ready to face the world and embark on adulthood as "I've grown my wings." This young adult feels conflicted when thinking about childhood and past mistakes but does not want to dwell on the "memories that linger" and is about to "slay the foe," confident that it is time to move on as "the yesterdays are over."

The teen's insight shows maturity and an awareness of the "dangers, thoughts and fears" but also a realization that no-one else can "wipe my tears." The poem is intended to inspire young people so that they will not be afraid to face new challenges. It is also meant to reassure parents that, having done a good job, they need to let "me speak my say." Their child will always "love you all the way."

The theme of this poem is then that growing up is a challenge but also an adventure. Growing up should be embraced and faced with assurance and in the knowledge that parents have been instrumental in achieving this stage in life.