The April Witch

by Ray Bradbury

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What is the theme in "The April Witch?"

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In this lovely short story by Ray Bradbury, Cecy is a teenager who has magic abilities.  She can project herself into other living things.  She can live experiences of life by inserting her soul, or her being into what ever living thing she chooses. 

At the beginning of the story it is Spring and Cecy has been inside a frog, a dog, a dove, flowers and trees.  At supper she announces to her parents, " I want to be in love." 

Her parents remind Cecy that she is not the same as other people.  They tell her that she can not become involved with mortals without losing her magical abilities, however, being a headstrong teenager Cecy is determined to experience love.

The theme of this story is that overwhelming desire for love and how true love can be more important than anything else in life.  Cecy decides through her experiences with Tom, shared through Ann's eyes, that she will willingly give up her magic to have a relationship with Tom.  She loves Tom.  Cecy influences Ann to give Tom her address and makes him promise to make him visit "Cecy Elliott, 12 Willow Street, Green Town, Illinois."  

Through frustration and disappointment in Ann,Tom promises to visit this friend.  Exausted but hopeful, Cecy leaves Ann's body and returns home to wait for Tom to fulfill his promise and her dream of love.

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