What is the theme and analysis of the poem 'The Soul's Prayer' .

kumariya | Student

 the theme of the poem centers around the naive soul of a carefree child unknown to the vagaries of life and the magnificant largesse of the global creater almighty. it is a battle. " extreme arrogance of man versus god's magnanimity"

xxpoojaxx | Student

the theme of the soul's prayer is that life and death are the two sides of a same coin. the poetess wants to tell us that the depth of life and the knowledge of death are to be inculcated while one is a child. in this poem, sarojini naidu is a girl of 13 years old. she makes a blind prayer to God asking for the happiness and sorrows of life. she asks what is the meaning of death. god says that he will grant her prayer. but she does not know what she has asked him for. he tells her that fire will clense her soul. the poetess tells us that all the happiness and sufferings of life only make us more pure- more near to god. the line "sevenfold height" has a deep meaning. the number 7 is a very mysterious number-

7 seas

7 oceans

7 colours of the rainbow

7 continents.