What is the theme in "An Adventure in Paris" by Guy de Maupassant, and what is a quote from the story that shows the theme?

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The theme of Guy de Maupassant’s “An Adventure in Paris” is the clash between the fantasies that we make up in our minds and reality. This is evident in the fact that the protagonist of the story, a typical, bourgeoise wife, is tired of her traditional life as a wife and mother. In her mind, she dreams of living like those Parisian bohemians she reads about. She feeds herself these ideas from the publications that she reads,

. . . which gave her a glimpse of culpable and ravishing delights, and from her country home, she saw Paris in an apotheosis of magnificent and corrupt luxury.

Therefore, the evidence from the text that shows the clash between fantasy and reality begins with this poignant excerpt. She is basically a traditional, everyday woman desperate to indulge in what she considers to be a much more sophisticated, smart, and glamorous lifestyle in Paris.

However, things do not turn out the way that she expects. She really believed that, upon setting foot in Paris, she would have...

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