What is the the best approach in tackling collaborative ministry and enabling others to grow to achieve full objectives. This is designed to help me deepen participants' awareness of the resources available to develop patterns of prayer and public worship necessary for them to sustain themselves in collaborative ministry and to enable others to grow appropriately in relationship with God.

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It would help if one knew what "resources available" you specifically mean. Nonetheless, general comments can be made. I have found that cultural and social persuasion is not ultimately effective in developing patterns of prayer and public worship in that eventually the hypnotic and coercive effects of cultural and social reasons wear off and the individual is left with their own motivations--or lack thereof--once again. Contrastingly, I have found that authoritative sources exemplifying the recommended behaviors are the best and most long-lived persuaders. When taught with appropriate exegetical clarity and detailed emphasis, these authoritative examples (simple though they may be) become patterns. I'm thinking specifically of Paul's instruction to the Ephesians in 6:18 to pray at all times and the author's admonition in Hebrews 10:24-25 to continue to meet together for worship. When these authoritative examples are given due weight and time for detailed consideration and emphasis, patterns that enable collaborative ministry and the grow of others begin to take hold and nurture.

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