According to the article below, what does the US want? Nuclear Fuel Memos Expose Wary Dance With Pakistan on new york times

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of things that the United States wants from Pakistan that are discussed in this article.  I will mention what I think are the two most important.

First of all, the title of the article talks about nuclear fuel.  This is an important issue.  Pakistan has a nuclear program.  The United States is very worried that nuclear fuel that is produced by the program might make its way into the hands of terrorists.  This could be used to make a "dirty bomb."

The other major thing that the US wants is cooperation from Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.  The US is concerned about A) Pakistan giving support to the Taliban in Afghanistan and B) Taliban and Al Qaeda members hiding out in parts of Pakistan that the government cannot really control.  The US wants Pakistan to crack down on both A and B.