Why is it that kids chew gum?I was wondering.

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kids chew gum for many reasons--some good and some not so good. Many kids like the taste of gum as it has so many flavors  plus they like blowing bubbles or making the gum crack for the sound it makes. Others use it as stress relief as the constant chewing gives them something to do without thinking.  Some use it when they are trying to quit smoking as a substitute for a cigarette or as a breath freshener after smoking or eating something with a strong odor such as garlic.  Some students use it as a means of dieting to relieve hunger pangs though I think it doesn't help.  Other students use it to cover for eating disorders such as anorexia.  As a teacher, I always kept track of the swimmers, gymnasts and wrestlers for gum as they often were trying to lose weight and got caught up in eating disorders which gum helped them hide. Some just chew gum for the fun of it or to flaunt the school rules about no gum in class.  I'd be interested in what you think about this question which would fit into the discussion questions.

elekzy | Student

Many children like sweet things, not only gum. So i think its because of its taste. Atimes, it might be as a result of bad breath like post 3 wrote.

sweetangel106511 | Student

I think the reason is the they like the taste of it and the flavor but best of all it keep them focused and calm but some people they like to pop the bubbles but sometimes they interrupt people from doing their work so then the one the is chewing gum will start problems and will not focus so that's why kids like to chew gum.It will help for smelly breath too.

omar2010 | Student

simply because it tastes good and stops smelly breath!!

jonasluvrgrl | Student

I think the reason why kids chew gum is because they like the taste and texture of it, also they come in fun colors and flavors. But to it helps to calm nerves and for some it keeps them focused or they just like playing with it.