What are tha main points of Francis Bacon's " Of studies"?

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As a capacious and pragmatic mind of the Renaissance, Bacon dwells on the subject of studying books and their uses in his essay, 'Of Studies'. Its main points may be summarised as stated hereunder:

a) 'Studies' have a three-fold purpose: 'delight', 'ornament' & 'ability'. Books may be read for attaining delight, for being ornamental in discourses, and for achieving ability.

b) 'Studies' must be ratified by experience, just as experiences are trimmed by studies.

c) Clever people do not like studies, for things learnt from books may be inimical to their interests. Simple men look upon reading books as a very admirable venture, for they themselves do not find a chance to read books. But only the wise men can make good use of their knowledge.

d) Books are generally of three types; some are to be 'tasted' i.e. to be read in parts; some are to be 'swallowed' i.e. to be somehow read through''; some books deserve to be read in full with enough sincerity and attention.

e) Just as ailments of the body can be cured by physical exercises, ailments/shortcomongs of the mind may be cured by appropriate studies.

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