What are the themes presented in Odyssey 19?

Expert Answers
noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Odyssey 19 in which the level of building suspense is taken to another level. Odysseus and Telemachus begin hiding weapons so that the suitors will not be able to fight back.

The disguised Odysseus and Penelope also have a lengthy encounter in which Odysseus tells her a story about having seen Odysseus alive. In contrast, Penelope tells the disguised Odysseus about a dream she has had, a dream which Odysseus interprets as indicating that Odysseus will soon bring about the destruction of the suitors.

Also in Book 19, the aged maidservant Eurycleia recognizes Odysseus, but he tells her to keep his identity a secret:

‘Nurse, will you destroy me, you who suckled me at your breast? I am home indeed after twenty years of toil and sorrow, but now a god has inspired you and you have found me out be quiet and keep it from all the rest of the house.

Thus, in looking back at Odyssey 19, this book appears to touch upon the theme of identity. Odysseus is moving closer and closer to revealing his identity to all those present in the household and thus is moving closer and closer to "being his old self."