What textual evidence supports the fact that Mark was an intruder and can not see or understand the field?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most obvious evidence about Mark's outsider status would lie in the fact that he is unaware of the games that are played on it.  Mark examines elements in terms of right or wrong, profit or debt, and true or false.  Such dichotomy refuses to acknowledge the role of emotions, belief, or faith in allowing different modes of reality to come into existence.  The fact that Mark and his partner want to buy out the farms and implement computer technology is an example of how he would not be able to understand Ray's vision.  If Mark is willing to remove the joy and unquantifiable element in farming, he certainly would lack the vision to maintain or understand the baseball field.  He believes that telling Ray that Eddie was lying would actually puncture Ray's vision.  Yet, it does not, as Ray's belief in hope and faith is much stronger than anything Mark can offer, literally transforming him into an outsider.