what is the test for chloride ?

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The presence of negative ions such that chloride,iodide or bromide can be tested using the silver nitrate test. This test is usually conducted in the presence of diluted nitric acid.

By this test, you can provide the evidence of white precipitate of silver chloride.

The chemical reaction is the following, such that:

`AgNO_3 + NaCl -> AgCl + NaNO_3`

`AgNO_3` represents the solution of silver nitrate

`NaCl` represents the sodium chloride

`AgCl` represents the white precipitate of silver chloride

`NaNO_3` represents the sodium nitrate salt

The solution of nitric acid helps in elimination of sulfite or carbonate ions that also form a precipitate that can interfere with the silver nitrate precipitate, influencing the accuracy of the test.

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