What terrible surprise does the creature spring on Frankenstein? What is Frankenstein's response?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The creature surprises his maker by requesting a mate.  He very much longs for a companion who will not be shocked by his ugly appearance and who will not shun him for it.  He has tried to reach out to humankind many times, and it has become clear to him that human beings will never accept him.  The creature feels that it is Victor's duty to give him a friend with whom he can spend his life, and he promises that they will go away to the jungles of South America and never bother humankind again.

At first, Victor is horrified at the idea of creating another monster, and he has a great number of concerns and objections to the idea.  But, as he listens to his creature's story, he begins to feel some sense of obligation toward this person that he made, and so he agrees.  He promises his creature that he will make him a female companion. However, later, when Victor actually goes to construct this creature, he changes his mind and tears it up, throwing away all his scientific paraphernalia.  This is what prompts the creature to kill Elizabeth on the day she marries Victor.

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