what are the terms: literature as an institution, binaries metaphysics, materialism, discourse, poetics and interpretation in  literary criticism?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These sound like terms from a college course overview.  Out of context it is difficult to give full meaning, but generally speaking - these terms all seem to deal with exploring language or literature on a more philosophical level  - what is this, an education course dealing with teaching literature or literary theory?

literature as an institution - refers to the idea that colleges or universities are largely dictating which books can be considered "literature" (by nature of adopting certain books as literature class texts, etc.).  This collegiate adoption of a text and calling it 'literature' largely shapes the historic record of a culture.

binaries - binary files: computer files that encode text to either be "formatted" (usually for html or with graphics) or "plain text".  Programs which download text are often called "binaries."

metaphysics - a philosophy term: investigates reality on a level higher than any science

discourse - written or spoken communication or debate

poetics - the theory of poetry

interpretation in literary criticism - how to read critical review of literature

Hopefully these answers can be applied in context to help you understand what you're looking for.