What terms does Esther use to describe herself?

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There are several instances in which Esther Greenwood is self-critical. This closely mirrors the way theauthor, Sylvia Plath, viewed herself. While Esther appears to have everything she could want—a prestigious academic education and a competitive magazine internship—the character is not satisfied with herself. For example, she self-describes as a zombie multiple times throughout the novel, once feeling a zombie rising in her throat. Another time, she mentions she "listened to the zombie voice leave a message," while phoning an Admissions Office. Esther believes her voice is so drab and boring that she must be a zombie in disguise.

Esther often feels disconnected from herself, which allows her to be more critical of her actions. While returning to work, she describes herself as a woman going "back to work like a numb trolleybus." She notices she should be excited like everyone else, but instead she "couldn't get [her]self to react."

Due to these self-critical attitudes, Esther's...

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