nicole8923 | Student

A simile is a type of figurative language where you are able to compare two or more things using the words like or as.

zumba96 | Student

A simile is part of figurative language where you are comparing something using like or as. 

Her eyes are as blue as the ocean

He runs like the wind

arrellbelle | Student

Well, a simile is a form of figurative language like metaphors and personification.

A similie is a comparison of two objects or ideas, by using the words, 'like' or 'as'.

Some examples I thought of could include, "He was as slow as a snail" or "He walks like a flamingo".

Jyotsana | Student

Simile means when you compare something using like or as.

For example: As wise as an owl; He acts like an animal

arjun | Student

Simile is a kind of comparison between two unlike objects and it is made by using the words like and as.

He is as brave as a lion.

He carrie load like a donkey.

This simile is used for figurative language and it is the used by poets with great technique in their work.

sandrine5 | Student

It is a comparison using like or as example I am as tall as a building.