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What term describes the process of making RNA from a DNA template? 

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The process of turning DNA to RNA to be synthesized into cellular proteins is called DNA transcription. Transcription is the first step into creating proteins within cells. It begins by first opening and unwinding small portions of the DNA double helix. This opening exposes the DNA base pairs so that they can be read by DNA transcription machinery which binds the unwound DNA. This DNA strand then serves as a template for the machinery to create a single complementary set of RNA base pairs matching up with their DNA counterparts. Once the DNA sequence is copied into RNA, it is removed from the DNA, and the DNA is rewound and returns to its original double helix conformation.  The newly transcribed single RNA strand then goes on to be further processed (read more here) by other intracellular machinery and eventually after processing is read by ribosomes located within the cell to create new proteins important for cellular function. Hope this helps! 

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