In Louis Sachar's book "Holes," what tent is Stanley Yelnats in at Camp Green Lake?

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There are six tents at Camp Green Lake - ABCDEF - and Stanley has been assigned to tent D, Mr Pendanski's (although all the counsellors sleep in tent F). The other boys in the same tent are Rex (X-ray) and Alan (Squid). One boy has gone home, and Stanley is to take his cot:

"Which was Lewis's cot?" Mr Pendanski asked.

"Barf Bag slept here," said X-ray, kicking at one of the beds.

"All right, Stanley, that'll be yours,"said Mr Pendanski.

Stanley looked at the cot and nodded.  He wasn't particularly thrilled about sleepig in the same cot that had been used by somebody named Barf Bag.

Then four other boys show up - José (Magnet), Theodore (Armpit), Ricky (Zigzag) and Hector Zeroni (Zero). Mr Pendanski insists on calling the boys by their real names instead of by their nicknames, but he affably accepts the one the boys have given him - "Mom."

Because he bravely stands up to a boy bullying him at the canteen, Stanley soon earns his nickname "Caveman."


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