What are ten words that describe Katniss in The Hunger Games?

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The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is about a futuristic world where the government shows their power by systematically killing off two people from each district each year. 

Katniss Everdeen, the main protagonist of all three books, has many different character traits that present themselves throughout the trilogy. Katniss can be described as resourceful, due to how well she can live off the earth in the form of hunting and gathering. She can also be described as determined, because she perseveres through the hunger games to make it back home to her family. Another word that could be used to describe Katniss is mature, especially for someone her age! She takes care of herself, her sister Prim, and even her mother. Katniss is also defiant, as is clear through her actions, like pretending to eat nightlock (poison berries) with Peeta at the end of the first hunger games (resulting in two victors instead of one); Katniss has no problem defying the rules of the Capitol. Katniss is also compassionate, which she demonstrates by volunteering as tribute for her sister, as well as when she holds a proper ceremony for Rue after she is killed. Another word to describe Katniss is modest because she often wants to stay as far from the spotlight as possible (think all of the interviews she hates doing). Katniss is also a bit short-tempered, especially with Haymitch. When she feels like something is not being done well she is quick to react in an explosive way. Furthermore, Katniss is independent; throughout all of the Hunger Games she often resists or rejects help from others. She does not want anyone harmed unnecessarily, so she often tries to go off on her own to accomplish things. Katniss can also be described as clever or cunning; she knows how to use her resources to accomplish her goals, and can often do so in a pinch! Lastly, Katniss is brave, because she continually puts herself in harms way to fight for what she believes in and to protect the people she loves.

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What are ten words that describe Peeta from The Hunger Games?

Here are 10 words you could use to describe Peeta from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games: 

1) Kind 
- Peeta is a gentleman; when he and Katniss are outside together before the Games begin, he sees that she's cold and shivering so he wraps her up in his jacket knowing full well that they'll be pitted against each other in just a few days (83)

2) Resilient 
- Peeta is resilient both emotionally and physically; not only does he have to put on a brave face while in the arena, he also ends up near death and without a leg yet he's still able to come out as a victor (362)

3) Altruistic 
- Peeta is shows altruism when he gets reprimanded for burning some bread while working in his mother's bakery; however, he did this purposely so that he could give it to Katniss (31, 32) 

4) Creative
- Peeta uses his cake-decorating skills to camouflage himself once the Games begin (248)

5) Emotional
- Throughout the novel, it becomes clear that Peeta is all over the emotional spectrum; generally, he's kind, compassionate, and thoughtful but when Katniss lets it slip that some of the intimacy they shared was just "for show," he's very quick to anger and grows extremely cold (365)
6) Self-Critical
- While Peeta is quick to praise Katniss' skills; he's very critical of his own and doesn't feel like he'll be able to survive the arena (89)
7) Likable 
- During his first interview with Caesar Flickerman, Peeta acts very naturally; he smiles, tells jokes, plays up the fact that he's the son of a baker, and wins the audience over by telling them that he's in love with Katniss (130)
8) Thoughtful 
- Even as he's close to dying, Peeta still finds it in himself to worry about Katniss (259)

9) Self-Sacrificing
- When Peeta and Katniss are the last tributes standing, he begs her to kill him so that she can be declared winner and return to her family in District 12 (338)
10) Intelligent 
- Peeta is smart; once the Games start, he forms a fake alliance with the Careers in order to A) insure his safety and B) divert them from finding Katniss (162) 

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