Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

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What are the ten things about Opal's mother that her father tells her? Connect these ten things to the rest of the story.

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Opal’s father is a preacher and has recently moved them to Naomi, Florida. Opal finds few children of her age to play with and is very lonely. She begins thinking a great deal about her mother, who left her father and her when she was three years old. When Opal acquires Winn-Dixie, it is almost as though her new pet is urging her to find out more information about her mother. When she asks her father to tell her ten things about her mother, since she is now ten years old, he obliges:

  1. Opal’s mother could make anyone laugh.
  2. Opal’s mother had red hair and freckles.
  3. Opal’s mother liked to plant things. She could grow anything.
  4. Opal’s mother was a fast runner, and everyone knew not to let her get a head start.
  5. Opal’s mother was a really bad cook who could not even boil water.
  6. Opal’s mother loved stories and could listen to them all day. She especially liked funny stories.
  7. Opal’s mother never grew tired of looking at the constellations in the night sky.
  8. Opal’s mother hated being a...

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