What are the ten key events in the book The Westing Game?  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Westing Game is the story of both a murder mystery and treasure hunt.

The first most important event is the letters that are sent to the future tenants of Sunset Towers.  They are delivered by “delivery boy” Otis Amber.

The "delivery boy" was sixty-two years old, and there was no such person as Barney Northrup. (p. 1)

The second key event is that the tenants move in.  “Barney Northrup” did a good job selling the place, and the hand-picked tenants include a burglar, a bookie, a bomber, and a mistake. 

Third, all the tenants wonder about the mysterious Westing House on the hill.  There are many stories about it.  Turtle makes her way into the house, where she sees the body of Sam Westing and a note on the nightstand.

Fourth, the tenants are given an invitation to the Westing House, where they are read the will of Samuel Westing.  The will says that they are all heirs, and are paired into teams to determine who killed Samuel Westing.  They each get $10,000 and the winner gets everything.  They are given cryptic clues.

Fifth, the first bombing occurs in the coffee shop downstairs.  There will be more bombings.  Several items have also been stolen.

Sixth, Angela is engaged to Denton Deere, but does not want to marry yet or contradict her overbearing mother.  At her shower, another bomb goes off.  It puts Angela in the hospital.

Seventh, Turtle confesses to the bombings.  A trial is held.

Eight, Sandy McSouthers, the elderly doorman, dies.

Ninth, the heirs return to the Westing House.  Crow is accused, because it is determined that she is Sam Westing’s wife. 

Ten, Turtle arrives at Mr. Eastman’s house and announces that Sandy McSouthers, Samuel Westing, Barney Northrup, and Mr. Eastman are the same person. 

Again turtle was gripped by panic.  He seemed so different, so important.  She shouldn't have kicked him (the Barney Northrup him). (p. 173)

She wins.  Westing is not dead.