What are the ten major events of The Giver by Lois Lowry?I need it by tomorrow morning, so please answer. I know a few, but can't think of them all. Thanks!(=

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I know this is too late for you, both in the interest of helping others in the future I want to answer.

1)      Jonas sees a plane accidentally fly over the community, and learns that the pilot will be released.

2)      Jonas’s father brings Gabriel home for extra nurturing.

3)      Jonas is selected as Receiver of Memory in the Ceremony of Twelve.

4)      Jonas learns that he has the Capacity to See Beyond, and realizes that he can see colors.

5)      Jonas begins receiving memories from The Giver.

6)      Jonas stops taking the pills for the Stirrings and does not tell anyone.

7)      Jonas has an argument with Asher about war games, and realizes he is different .

8)      Jonas watches the video of the Newborn twin being released.

9)      Jonas learns that Gabe is scheduled to be released and begins planning his escape.

10)   Jonas and Gabriel reach Eslewhere and/or die (depending on your point of view).

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