What are ten main events in The Giver?

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1. Jonas has dinner with his family, and they all tell each other their feelings of the day.

2. Jonas's father brings home Gabriel for the first time.

3. Jonas goes to the House of Old. He listens to Larissa describe the release ceremony for a man named Roberto.

4. Jonas feels the "Stirrings," and he begins taking pills to suppress them.

5. Jonas attends the Ceremony of Twelve and becomes the next Receiver.

6. Jonas meets The Giver. He receives his first memory. It is the memory of sledding down a hill in the snow. He also receives a painful memory. The memory is of a sunburn. 

7. Jonas begins to see color.

8. Jonas learns about the previous Receiver and her release.

9.  Jonas receives memories of warfare.

10. Jonas learns what "releasing" actually is.

11. (Bonus) Jonas and Gabriel run away.

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1.  Jonas sees an airplane (he realizes there is life beyond the community)

2. Jonas' father brings home a newchild and Jonas is started by Gabriel's eyes

3. Jonas begins to see color

4.  Jonas feels "stirrings"

5.  Jonas is assigned to be the Receiver of Memory

6.  Jonas learns what "release" means

7.  Jonas and the Giver formulate a plan of escape

8.  Jonas escapes with Gabriel

9.  Jonas finds out that the memories are now his very own

10.  Jonas finds the sled and goes downhill with Gabriel toward Elsewhere

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  1. The airplane flies over.  This teaches Jonas about what fear is and it shows us how tightly controlled the society is.
  2. Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory.
  3. Jonas finds out what happens when babies are released.
  4. Jonas experiences the memory of the war.
  5. Jonas starts putting memories into Gabe to keep him from being cranky.,
  6. Jonas takes Gabe and runs away.
  7. Jonas heads down the hill on the sled.
  8. Jonas gets Stirrings.
  9. Jonas sees his friends playing war and can't understand why they would do that.
  10. Jonas learns about color.
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1. Jonas sees the airplane, learns about fear

2. Jonas receives his assighment

3.Jonas sees the apple change colour

4.Jonas gets his first memory

5.Jonases father brings a baby home (Gabriel, AKA Gabe)

6.Jonas learns about release

7. Jonas learns about pain and war

8. Jonas gives gabe the memory of a sailingboat

9. Jonas learns about love

10, Jonas runs away with Gabe


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