What are ten important incidents in The Outsiders?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator


  1. Important exposition is found in the early chapters: The Curtis Brothers' parents have been killed in a car crash; a gangland teen war exists between the greasers and Socs; and Johnny has previously been severely beaten by Socs;
  2. While watching a movie at the drive-in, Pony and Johnny meet the Soc cheerleader, Cherry Valance. Afterward, they (along with Cherry's friend, Marcia, and Two-Bit) are accosted by a group of Socs.
  3. Pony and Darry argue, and Darry hits Pony; Pony runs from the house into the night, where he meets up with Johnny.
  4. Pony and Johnny are attacked by Socs in the park; when Johnny sees that Pony is about to be drowned, he stabs and kills Bob Sheldon.
  5. Pony and Johnny hop a freight train to Windrixville, where they hide out in an abandoned church on Jay Mountain.
  6. After spending nearly a week in hiding, Dally comes to see them, and the boys decide to return home. But when they see the church on fire, Pony and Johnny head inside to save the children trapped there; when the roof caves in, all three boys are injured and hospitalized. Johnny's injuries prove to be life-threatening.
  7. The greasers win the rumble with the Socs.
  8. After Dally and Pony visit the hospital to tell Johnny the news about winning the rumble, Johnny dies.
  9. Dally robs a store and is shot in the street by police after waving an empty gun at them.
  10. Ponyboy is cleared of any wrongdoing concerning Bob's death at the court hearing.
  11. After Soda runs off in tears, Darry and Pony chase him down. Darry explains that Soda's letters to Sandy have been returned unopened, and Darry and Pony agree to a truce: They will not fight anymore.
  12. Ponyboy decides to complete his English assignment by retelling the events that come to be known as The Outsiders.
shafiie1012 | Student


  1. Johnny and Ponyboy are approached in the park by Bob and four others. The boys try to drown Ponyboy in the fountain.
  2. Johnny stabs Bob in self-defense: he is afraid of Bob since the attack, and is also defending Ponyboy.
  3. Johnny takes control and they both go to Dallas Winston for help.
  4. Dallas gives them clothes, money and a gun.
  5. Ponyboy finds the abandoned church in Windrixville as Dallas instructed. They hide out there.