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What are ten examples of solutions that can be found in a grocery store?

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A solution is a liquid mixture consisting of a solvent (the liquid) and a dissolved substance (the solute). The solute particles are uniformly distributed throughout a solution. 

There are many examples of solutions which can be found in a grocery store. 

In the Pharmacy section:

1. Saline solution is sold as a wound cleanser. 

2. Hydrogen peroxide is sold in an aqueous solution. (Aqueous solutions are those in which the solute is water.)

3. Alcohol is also sold as an aqueous solution.

4. Various medicines (such as cough syrup) are sold as solutions.

In the food section:

5. Syrup is a solution of sugar and colorants in water.

6. Vodka is a solution of ethanol in water. 

7. Pulpless juice beverages are aqueous solutions. (Juices with pulp are considered suspensions, not solutions).

8. Flavored oils are solutions (eg. spicy peanut oil or garlic oil).

9. Soda pops are solutions of water, sugar, carbon dioxide and flavors/colors.

10. Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid and water.

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