What are 10 characteristics essential for a prince to rule successfully?

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The Prince by Machiavelli was addressed to Lorenzo de Medici, who was a member of the ruling family in Florence, as a gift. Although your question asks for ten characteristics for a prince to rule successfully, understand that several of these characteristics overlap one another. Therefore it is important to review the reference link below for further clarification:

1. never leave anything to chance

2. organize the military without mercenary soldiers because they fight for money, not loyalty

3. it is not necessary to reward loyalty with loyalty

4. morality and ethical behavior are subject to change

5. the perception of the prince is more important than actuality

6. appearance matters

7. deception is acceptable and even necessary

8. promises might have to be broken

9. keep your friends close to you, but keep your enemies "closer"--meaning know what your opponent is doing at all costs

10. to keep power a prince fully accepts the concept of the ends justify the means

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