What is the temperature at which a sample of gas is placed if the volume of 15 moles is 10 l and the pressure is 22 atm.

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A sample of gas made up of n moles of the substance, placed at a temperature equal to T kelvin, under a pressure P atm., has a volume V where the relation between the variables is P*V = n*R*T where R is a constant equal to 0.08206 (L*atm)/(mol*K).

Here, the volume of the sample is 10 l, the pressure is 22 atm., the amount of substance is 15 moles. The corresponding value for temperature is `T = (P*V)/(n*R) ` = `(22*10)/(0.08206*15) ~~ 178.73` K

The sample of gas is placed at a temperature equal to 178.73 K

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