What is Telemachus’s opinion of Odysseus when he returns home in Homer's Odyssey?

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In Homer's Odyssey Odysseus returns to Ithaca and finds his home being overrun by suitors. All of them are aiming for Penelope's hand in marriage. In the meantime, they are eating all of his food, drinking all of his wine, and in many cases abusing is servants and mistreating his son and wife. Through the advice and help of Athena, Odysseus returns to his home in disguise as a beggar. Therefore, Telemachus does not recognize his father upon seeing him. Odysseus is treated badly by suitors and at one point one of them even throws a stool at him. Telemachus stops the abuse and scolds the suitors for their treatment. He is then taken care of by Telemachus and Penelope who question him about his wanderings in hope that he has caught word of Odesseus' travels and whereabouts.

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