What technology did they use in Fahrenheit 451?

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In Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451, he overtly critiques society's reliance on technology and obsession with meaningless forms of entertainment. Since the story is set in America's futuristic dystopian society, Bradbury creates several unique pieces of technology, which are eerily similar to modern forms of technology. The most prominent piece of technology throughout the novel is the parlour wall television. These massive televisions are the size of entire walls, and people typically purchase several parlour wall televisions for one room. These televisions are also interactive, and the audience can follow along by reading the scripts of certain shows. In addition to the parlour walls, there are Seashell ear radios, and Faber gives Montag a device called the "green bullet." The green bullet looks like a tiny Seashell ear radio but is a two-way communication device that allows Faber to inconspicuously overhear Montag's conversations and speak to him.

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