What technology did they use in Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fahrenheit 451 uses a lot of technology that we have today even though the book was written in 1953.  Bradbury was brilliant in predicting the future by looking at the things he saw around him at the time. Here is a list of some of the technology you can find in Fahrenheit 451:

  • Wall size televisions—Montag and Mildred have three on their living room wall and Mildred asks Montag for a fourth.
  • Finger print recognition—Montag puts his hand in an opening to be let into his house.
  • Robot dogs—The mechanical hound sniffs out and destroys books and people who have books.  It injects its victims with a four-inch needle that immobilizes and then kills them.
  • Fast cars and air vacuum trains—Cars go so fast that advertisers build 200-foot billboards to catch peoples' attention.  Trains go from place to place in air tubes.
  • Nuclear weapons—Although nuclear weapons existed in 1953, the city Montag flees at the end is bombed by jets with nuclear weapons.
  • Sea shell ear buds—Mildred wears these small ear buds to block out thought and the world when she goes to sleep.
  • Green bullet—Montag and Faber communicate with each other with these walkie-talkie ear buds no bigger than a 22 bullet.

It is really spooky how close Bradbury was in his predictions.  We now have huge televisions and home theatres, tiny ear buds to listen to our favorite music, and blue tooth ear pieces to communicate with each other. Crazy!!!