What technology has been described in "The Hearth and the Salamander"? 

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In the first section of Fahrenheit 451 "The Hearth and the Salamander," there are many technological devices mentioned in the futuristic world.

  • After Montag is finished with his day, he rides on the air-propelled train
  • Then he takes a cream-tiled escalator "rising to the suburb" where he lives. It is some type of super stairway
  • When Montag talks to Clarisse, she tells him that she rarely watches the parlor walls which are like giant television sets.
  • After Montag enters his house, he finds his wife Mildred with seashells, thimble radios, in her ears.
  • At one point Montag touches his salamander igniter that he uses at fires.
  • While he is in the bedroom, Montag hears the jet bombers going overhead
  • The medics come to revive Mildred from death. They place a machine "like a black cobra" in her to clean out the pills she has taken.
  • The medics have ear-thimbles with which they receive calls to go to other houses.
  • The next morning Montag turns on the silver toast from which a spidery metal hand butters the bread.
  • There is a wall-to-wall circuit interactive television with which Mildred can read parts and play along with the other characters.
  • The Mechanical Hound is in the "dark corner of the firehouse." It injects large, quick jolts of morphine or procaine into its victims, and is used to hunt down people who have violated rules, or just to kill rats, etc.
  • Clarisse tells Montag that she does not like the things that others her age do--things like the Window Smasher place and the Car Wrecker place with steel balls. 
  • There is also a Fun Park that has such things such as jet cars to drive.
  • Beatty owns an eternal matchbox, a chemical match that can be struck, blown out, struck, blown out.
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