What is basis of technology's importance in our lives?define on the basis of increasing importance in our lives.

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technology—what can be defined as “applied science, math, physics, chemistry”—has its origins in prehistory.  When Mankind discovered the uses of the lever, the incline, the wheel, etc., he began applying those technologies to his tasks—building, transporting, etc.—to survive, to gain superiority over his rivals, to ease his labors.  If you eliminate modern technology—say, on a camping trip—you still use technology when you start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, or when you lay a bed of soft branches to sleep on, etc.  In domestic settings, a clothesline on pulleys uses technology to dry the laundry.  Summarily, then, technology then has always made our physical existence more livable as individuals and as families.  Today, technology still performs those functions—heating our homes, cooking our food, etc.—but one important contribution has been added since, let us say, the invention of the radio, telephone, telegraph, etc. and that is the communication between individuals, between cultures, between classes, and between our Dasein and our communitas –ourselves as individuals and ourselves as members of a community. The real contribution of modern electronics, Internet, television, and similar technologies has been the connection these technologies provide to disparate societies throughout the world.  That’s why current modern technologies are “important.”