What techniques are used in the movie Blade Runner the Director's Cut?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The biggest difference between this version of Scott Ridley's classic vision of the future and his original production is the inclusion of Dekkard's daydream. Whilst he is asleep in his appartment, Dekkard has a curious dream of a unicorn, that appears to be unrelated to anything else to do with the film. It is only at the end, when he finds that the policeman who has been following him around has made a foil origami unicorn that we understand the significance of this day dream. Just as Dekkard was able to tell Rachel what she had dreamed about because she is a replicant, so Dekkard's dreams are not his own private property. This version of the film strongly suggests that Dekkard himself is a replicant, therefore plunging us as viewers into an existential state of angst as we do have to ask ourselves the question what separates us from created machine. This film concerns deep and penetrating issues of identity which are not easily resolved.