What techniques have you developed to deal with "flakey" or hard to use software or hardware?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Speaking from the perspective of a Mac User, I think that being able to utilize the "Force Quit" option has helped out a great deal in addressing "flaky" software or programs.  I learned early on that when you close out of a program on a Mac, you have to "Quit" it or it keeps running in the Mac operating system.  The internal "traffic cop" in the computer still acknowledges the program as running.  With more challenging applications or programs, this can cause some challenges with the speed and, of course, "that spinning color wheel."  Additionally, with those sensitive programs, making sure that not much else is running through "Force Quitting" applications helps out a great deal.  If quitting out of these applications is not habitual, I find that closing out through " Force Quit" helps out a great deal in ensuring that programs run better and a bit more smoothly.  I also think that using "Spaces" has helped, for when I am experiencing a moment where that "spinning color wheel of doom" does not leave, I can go to another window and then "Force Quit."  This has helped me out a great deal.