In A Room of One's Own, what techniques does Virginia Woolf employ in posing her arguments?

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In A Room of One's Own, Woolf is refuting the claim of a male writer that women's biological inferiority explains why they have not produced a body of great literature to rival men's.

Woolf is in a difficult position refuting this argument in the late 1920s. At this point, women had achieved the vote, could attend college, could inherit property, and were entering the job market at unprecedented levels. Therefore, to establish a convincing argument that it was economic inequality rather than innate biological differences that led to women's difficulties producing great literature, she knew she had to establish that the devil was in the details.

Thus, the main technique Woolf uses to build her argument is to accumulate a series of details contrasting men's versus women's situation and to show the obstacles these "details" create in women's lives. She focuses on the lives of privileged women, because she knows that it is privileged men producing most of the "great" literature in her English...

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