What techniques do Snowball and Napoleon use in Animal Farm in their struggle for power?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary means of persuasion that are used is reflective of what statement Orwell might be saying about politics in general.  Snowball uses persuasion in terms of communicating with the animals.  Animated by the revolution, Snowball is driven to ensure that the other animals embrace the purposes of the revolution and its theoretical background.  Constantly doing this through discussion and discourse with the other animals, Snowball believes that persuasion through convincing and articulation is what will allow a sense of change to emanate.  It is here where his power is most evident.

Napoleon takes a different approach to this.  Napoleon believes that power is best assured through control.  It is for this reason that he secures the pups at an early age and raises them to be his own personal body guard unit.  He believes that if he can unleash them when there is dissension, power can be distributed and persuasion can be guaranteed and assured.  It is here where the fundamental difference between both pigs can be seen.  Napoleon is more driven by control, while cooperation is the path that Snowball sees as critical in persuasion.