What techniques can be used to overcome conflict between groups and within groups?behavior

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overcoming conflict between and within groups is a challenging element.  There are some distinct paths which can emerge in the process of attempting to overcoming conflict.  One way is to simply have one group overwhelm the other.  This overcomes conflict because it seeks to dominate in the process.  Such a paradigm sees conflict as a negative element that must be subsumed by one side or the other. This way of evaluation is more "win/ loss," where conflict is seen as one side winning and another losing. Another way of viewing conflict is as something that must be understood in order to have a deeper appreciation of a particular entity.  Such a paradigm does not seek to obliterate conflict, as much as understand it through analysis, dialogue, and discourse.  In this vein, overcoming conflict is something that is not as essential as much as it is to understand it in all of its forms and through discursive elements seek to illuminate it as well as potential solutions where multiple parties are active agents in its navigation.  Such a methodology views conflict as "win/ win," a situation where both sides can understand the nature of conflict in a more enveloping manner.