What technique, support, and effect is used in "Pygmalion"?

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume your speaking of Higgins' technique to teach Eliza Doolittle how to speak "proper" English.  His technique includes having her record her speech into the phonograph and repeatedly listening and practicing.  He made her speak with marbles in her mouth (some of which she swallowed in the process).  He does not appear to care much for the woman, but for his success in producing a proper speaker.

He repeatedly spouts other studies of experts who have attempted to teach speakers to speak well, but always comes back to himself and Pickering, another linguist, as the experts in this area.

Poor Eliza continues to jump through hoops and work until she is exhausted until she passes the ultimate test:  the ball.  She is tested by other experts in language, and the final decision is that she is royalty from some exotic country.

Of course, Higgins and Pickering are overjoyed.  Eliza is beside herself since it is she who has worked so hard to achieve the goal and make the two professors shine so brightly, but they fail to recognize her efforts.