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What is teamwork?

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Teamwork is the process of working together with other people to fulfill a task that all members of the team need to accomplish.  Teamwork is necessary in most people's jobs today.  Because of this, schools often try to teach students teamwork in the course of their normal lessons.

When we talk about teamwork, we are also typically talking about the skills that are needed in order for a person to participate effectively in a team.  These are interpersonal skills that allow a person to work well with others rather than coming into conflict with them.

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nandusocio | Student

team work means all team members have class conciousness. they feel team for itself and team in itself or one for team and team for one. these kind of team do work for same objectives and members have different status and role.

teamworkinspirational | Student

What is teamwork and how does it really work? This may sound like a very obvious question but actually, there are many ways to answer the question what is teamwork and we stress that teamwork is something perhaps best defined for yourself with your team and in your members. That’s because when you define teamwork for yourself it’s more likely to become a shared definition and one that fits your context and to which you are all committed. Enjoy via the sources below.