What are the teaching strategies used in Pat Conroy's book The Water Is Wide?

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When Pat arrives at the school at which he is to teach, it becomes immediately apparent that conventional methods of teaching and pedagogical strategies are not going to be of any use here.

His charges consist of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders; some of whom do not know the alphabet and are unable to count. Their knowledge of geography and current affairs proves abysmal, and Pat quickly realizes that in order to teach these children, he is going to have to leave educational conventions far behind him.

Instead of books and classrooms, Pat starts his educational journey with these youngsters by sharing his love of music with them. By turning geography into a game, he makes this subject matter interesting and appealing.

Later, Pat's students travel to the USA with him, experiencing their first Halloween and taking an educational trip to Washington DC.

In The Water Is Wide , Conroy utilizes many unconventional techniques (for that time) to make meaningful connections with his students and to...

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