Define teacher in-service day in connection to alleviating the concerns of educating and having children with special needs in teacher classrooms.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited.  Teacher in service day is seen as an opportunity for professionals to receive further training in their field.  In order to be seen as highly qualified in a particular field and in order to gain more insight into the nuances of their field, teachers regularly undergo professional development.  In the field of special education, this can take on a variety of forms.

One particular way in which focus on special education can be evident professional inservices is to construct activities in which teachers gain more insight into special education students.  Such inservices can be geared towards how teachers react to and embrace students with special needs in their classrooms.  Given the range of special needs conditions, inservice can be designed to give teachers the necessary tools to adapt instructional delivery and technique to different types of students with specific needs.  Another realm in which inservice training can be offered could be to display different examples of technology that can assist with the instruction of special needs students.  The use of assistive technology in the instruction of special needs students is very expansive and inservice for teachers can be geared towards better understanding an element in which time is needed.  This is something that teachers do not have enough of, in general.  In these ways, professional development can be geared towards making teachers more effective educators with all students.