what is the tan(sin(pi))

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Order of operations states you do everything in parenthesis first.  So, you would do "sin(pi)" first:

sin(pi) = 0

So, then, you would have "tan(0)".  That becomes:

tan(0) = 0

So, tan(sin(pi)) = 0

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`tan(sin(pi)) `

the key thing to see here, is that sin(pi) is actually just a value! so a good first step would be to solve for that value

`sin(pi) = 0 `

`pi ` is a quadrant angle making this value very easy to find. For value of 0 and `pi `

the value of sin will be 0. For values of `pi/2 ` and `3/2pi ` the value of sin will be 1, and -1 respectively. Back the the problem. since we know

`sin(pi) = 0 `

we can simply substitute it!

doing so we get

`tan(sin(pi)) = tan(0) = 0`