what is a tale of take of two cities about briefly? i need a short paragraph for an essay about a tale of two cities

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It is about the best of times, it is about the worst of times. It is a novel of the French Revolution. It is about the two cities of London and Paris. It is a fictional account of what happens to peasants and the nobility during the years leading up to the French Revolution and there are parallel events that occur in London during the same time period. It is the story of the Frenchman Charles Darnay and the Englishman Sydney Carton (so you can see how the title is also symbolic of the theme of "twos").

A typical Dickens novel, it was written in installments so each chapter reads like an individual short story - with complicated plots, action, characters, etc. You can read all about it right here on eNotes to get some ideas for your paragraph.

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