The Last Lecture Questions and Answers
by Randy Pausch

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What is the take-home message in The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch?

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The "take home message" of The Last Lecture is that our dreams must play an active role in the lives we lead.

Pausch is confronted with a challenging reality as he decides to deliver his "last lecture."  He knows that he has only months to live.  He also knows that the summation he gives should not be about dying as much as how to live life even in the face of a defined end.  This understanding determines his message:

Whatever my accomplishments, all of the things I loved were rooted in the dreams and goals I had as a child…and in the ways I had managed to fulfill almost all of them. My uniqueness, I realized, came in the specifics of all the dreams—from incredibly meaningful to decidedly quirky—that defined my forty-six years of life. Sitting there, I knew that despite the cancer, I truly believed I was a lucky man because I had lived out these dreams.

Randy's "take home message" is that individuals should live their lives in accordance to their dreams.  He believes...

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